Pearls Of Prudence

Pearls Of Prudence

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By Chinmay Narang

No matter what you’ve got , you’ll always identify something that’s lacking. If you have a great relationship, you might ascertain that you’ve lost touch with a hobby you once loved. If you earn plenty of money, you can probably identify tons of people who earn more–and with less effort than you expel.

It’s just impossible to desire you’ve got it all because you can’t possibly have everything directly . And no matter how much you gain, there will always be someone else who appears to have more.

When you get trapped within the endless, aching cycle of wanting and comparing, nothing ever seems like enough–and as a result, nothing provides the enjoyment you previously imagined it might . Every gain may be a hollow satisfaction once you see it within the context of everything that’s left to be had.

Perhaps the key to feeling prosperous is seeing what’s in front of you solely for what it is. It’s not always easy to do. When you have a flash with someone you’re keen on , you’ll drift into fantasies of a good greater adventure. When you have an hour off, it’s tempting to wish you had a whole day.

But then those moments and hours dissolve , and you’re left with an equivalent choice in new moments and hours.

Time eventually runs out. We can either appreciate and luxuriate in what’s ahead folks , or stress about how inadequate it’s , but we can’t ever do both directly . Which do you choose today?