Murari Lal Jalan

Murari Lal Jalan

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By Jasmine Arora

The recent deal made by Kalrock capital and this mysterious man proved instrumental to bring back Jet Airways back on the runway . But who is this mysterious man, who landed Jet Airways at Ranchi; his hometown? The man with the revival plan is Murari Lal Jalan .

Murari Jalan is a veteran who has invested in diverse sectors like real estate, mining,construction,dairy and many more…however this mystery man neither has been in limelight nor many people know about his hidden green bucks . Jalan’s wealth creation journey began from early 1980’s when he started working at his family’s paper trading business. Later he worked with JK Paper and Ballpur Industries . Gradually he planned to enter into real estate and then there was no turning back ! 

Jalan established a real estate development company MJ Developers , headquartered in Dubai.  Presently he is also engaged in developing commercial and residential properties in Uzbekistan .His journey floated from towns of Ranchi to Tashkent via Dubai. However people ae sceptical , Murari Lal remains something of an enigma. It is believed that he has no prior experience in the aviation industry but he is the man who has a global vision and can surely embark his footprints in aviation industry .