Monexus is the annual festival of the Finance and Investment Cell of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. It’s not a mere series of financial events but a practical experience that teaches participants not only about the intricacies of the economic landscape, but also about the financial dynamics
of today’s business world. This event allows participants to demonstrate their creative abilities as well as their financial expertise. Breaking away from the usual pattern, the whole fest was taken online in the month of February, with not just six of the most innovative and exciting events of the circuit, but also various informative webinars and virtual conferences by industry leaders and experts of the financial world.



Our society became the first finance society all across DU to conduct a series of online financial events in October 2019. Being an online event, E-Monexus has always attracted students from all over the country. This enables participants to demonstrate their financial skills and expertise via a variety of activities, as well as to improve their skills through an online platform.
Keeping in line with providing a holistic experience to the participants, the innovative events cover a wide variety of aspects of the financial world. Participants could engage in everything from investment in stocks, commodities, properties etc to insurance, game theory and much more, all the while experiencing the exciting and engaging themes of the events.


FIC SGGSCC is all set to put up a series of remarkable events exclusively for school students titled Monexus Jr. in the month of October. Historically it has been a one day extravaganza consisting of 4 events which provide immense exposure in the field of finance. It attracts students from schools across Delhi, with an approximate footfall of 800 students every year. Students come to experience the world of finance first-hand and dive deeper into the nuances of the financial world through our events. The events also help them enhance their theoretical knowledge about financial markets. It is not only an opportunity for school students to learn about the operations of top DU colleges at a young age, but it also allows us as an institution to reach out to these students and expand our reach.


The programme aims at providing an unusual learning experience to young minds, by serving them a diverse range of skill enhancement activities in the platter. It is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with relevant insights into the financial world in collaboration with specialised and prestigious institutions and individuals. The scope of the training is broadened by deploying different methods in every possible way.